Top 10 Best Glass Baby Bottle for Kids in India

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Best Glass Baby Bottle – These glass bottles are safe and simple to assemble, with a breast-like nipple that won’t collapse.

It’s difficult to understand why putting “babies” and “glass” in the same sentence is a good idea, especially since you’ve worked so hard to keep them as far apart as possible. Glass bottles, on the other hand, are preferred by some parents over plastic bottles for a variety of reasons.

Do you want to be sure you’re not consuming any plastic chemicals? While most plastic bottles are free of BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals, glass is a safer option because there is no risk of inorganic chemical leaching, even after repeated washing. Glass bottles are undeniably heavier, but some parents prefer them for their durability and weight.

#1. Pigeon Glass Feeding Bottle

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Pigeon Glass Feeding 240ml Bottle with Add Nipple – The Glass Bottle is made of Borosilicate Glass, which provides excellent transparency and can withstand high temperatures during the sterilisation process. With its double thickness, the super soft silicone ensures the ideal softness and flexibility for your baby to latch on comfortably and easily.

Pigeon Glass Feeding 240ml Bottle with Add Nipple, Large, Pale Blue
  • Made from non-toxic international quality borosilicate glass for safety and durability
  • Unique venting system minimizes swallowed air, preventing gas
  • BPA and BPS Free
  • Encourage baby to use natural sucking pattern

#2. Mee Mee Premium Baby Feeding Bottle

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Mee Mee Premium Baby Feeding Bottle – A happy baby is one who has been fed properly. Through its specially designed anti-colic nipple, Mee Mee’s premium glass feeding bottle provides the most comfortable feeding experience for your baby, with the right amount of feed and reduced air intake.

The silicon teat on this baby bottle is contoured with vertical lines, which allows for efficient air ventilation. The glass is long-lasting and meets international safety and hygiene standards.

Mee Mee, popular baby care and parenting brand company, offers a wide range of products in a variety of categories, including Skin and Oral Care, Feeding, Infant Utility Accessories, Travel, Nursery, Toys, Fashion, and Maternity, ensuring that every parent’s need is met.

Me N Moms, founded in 1994 by first-generation entrepreneur Mr. Naresh Khatar, M.D., aims to make parenting a more enjoyable experience.

Mee Mee Premium Baby Feeding Bottle (240 ml, Blue)
  • Made from non toxic international quality glass for safety and durability
  • Conforms to international laws of safety and is certified by the imaph Indian medical academy for preventive health
  • Multi functional design for ease of use the bottle can be filled with any nutritious liquid like milk, water, formula or juice.
  • Travel friendly no leakage even when the bottle is tilted or being carried, easy to clean and store.

#3. R for Rabbit First Feed Glass Bottle

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R for Rabbit First Feed Glass Baby Feeding Nipple Milk Bottle with Anti Colic for New Born Babies, Kids| 6 Months and up|250 ML – All we want as parents is to provide the best for our children. This bottle was created with the utmost love and care in order to make feeding your baby a breeze.

This feeding bottle is made with high-quality glass and a BPA-free silicon nipple to imitate the actual breast so the baby can latch on easily and drink conveniently.

One of the most sought-after features among parents is its anti-colic feature. You can also easily store milk in it and transport it outside without fear of leakage. R for Rabbit First Feed Glass Feeding Bottle provides the best care for your baby.

R for Rabbit First Feed Glass Baby Feeding Nipple Milk Bottle with Anti Colic for New Born Babies, Kids| 6 Months and up|250 ML| Sea Green
  • Safety First: Made with high quality glass for & BPA Free Silicone Nipple for safe & soft experience.
  • Super Soft Silicone Nipple: Made with the soft silicon, the nipple mimics look and feel of the breast and is best for the gums of babies
  • BPA Free: R for Rabbit Glass Feeding Bottle is made with 100% BPA free silicon Nipple
  • Anti-Colic: The bottle has a valve that minimizes swallowed air to reduce colic by venting air into the bottle instead of the baby's stomach.
  • Spill-Proof Cap: You can also take the bottle outdoors without worrying about any spillage due to its Spill-Proof cap

#4. Naughty Kidz Premium Warmer Glass Bottle

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Naughty Kidz Premium Warmer Glass Bottle with Ultrasoft LSR Nipple – Silicone Bottle Warmer – Key TEETHER – Hood Retaining Cap and Sealing DISC Ring – 240ML+240ML : Because of the insulated warmer that comes with it, this baby bottle is of superior quality and will last for many years. It also helps to keep the milk warm for longer periods of time. The warmer, as well as all other parts, can be sterilised.

Naughty Kidz Premium Warmer Glass Bottle with Ultrasoft LSR Nipple||Silicone Bottle Warmer||Key TEETHER||Hood Retaining Cap and Sealing DISC Ring -240ML+240ML (Pink+Blue)
  • Bottle -glass, nipple - liquid silicone nipple, silicone bottle warmer,premium key teether-food grade material,cap - polypropylene(PP), hood - polypropylene(PP) super stretchable and ultrasoft peristaltic nipple allows natural sucking motion., round bottom
  • Glass, food grade material, bpa less,bps less
  • Lead less//dishwasher safe//refrigerator safe//liquid silicone nipple//leak proof//unbreakable//bpa less||microwave safe
  • Baby bottle is made of durable and heat resistant glass that can handle large thermal differences||comes with a colourful silicone sleeve and a ultrasoft silicone nipple||resistant to go directly from the lesszer to boiling water||the colourful silicone is very grippy and gives a good protection against breakage||scratch resistant and light weight||glass feeding bottle with protective silicone sleeve and leak-proof flat cap||durable and heat resistant||protective removable silicone
  • Super stretchable and ultrasoft peristaltic nipple allows natural sucking motion,round bottom||high-transparent, glass||bottle can be sterilised either by boiling or steaming and is dishwasher safe||it is safe and guaranteed 100% less of bpa and lead less||crystal clear transparency||instructions manual included||travel friendly no leakage even when the bottle is tilted or being carried, easy to clean and store||||microwave safe||doctor recommended

#5. Dr. Brown’s Options Wide Neck Glass Bottle

Dr. Brown’s Options Wide Neck Glass Bottle – Dr. Brown’s alternatives The first convertible bottle on the market that works with or without the Vent system. The new Vent system is designed to grow with baby, and Dr. Brown recommends using it to get the most out of our bottle’s health benefits. It aids in the reduction of feeding issues, digestion, and vitamin preservation.

As their baby’s feeding develops, some parents find that removing the Vent is a convenient option. The nipple venting creates a paced flow and a feeding experience that is similar to that of most nipple-vented bottles.

Options bottles are BPA-free and fit most breast pumps. The power of choice ensures that this innovative bottle effectively and efficiently meets the needs of all parents. Dr. Brown’s options adapt to your baby’s needs and provide healthy benefits whether or not your child is having feeding difficulties. Options give you the ability to make decisions.

#6. Product 6

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#7. Product 7

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#8. Product 8

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#9. Product 9

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#10. Product 10

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Although glass bottles are thought to be outdated, they have recently made a comeback (as many vintage options do, eventually). Among the advantages are:

Glass bottles are long-lasting, so they’re a good investment for your child’s early years. They can be easier to clean and sterilise than plastic ones because they don’t fog up or develop a difficult-to-scrub film like plastic does.

They can also be heated in a bottle warmer and boiled to sanitise straight from the fridge, and they won’t develop a lingering funky smell after a while or if you don’t wash them right away, which is a big plus.

Glass does not contain any chemicals because it is made of silica. It’s a safe bet to use for your baby’s milk because it contains no chemicals.

The fat from your breast milk will not stick to the sides of the bottle: When using plastic bottles, the fat from your breast milk can stick to the sides. With glass bottles, this isn’t as common.

When using plastic bottles to heat milk, chemicals tend to leach out even more into your baby’s milk when the plastic is heated. You don’t have to worry about releasing more toxins into your baby’s food if you heat milk in glass bottles.

The Philips Avent Natural Glass bottle is made of pharmaceutical-grade glass, is heat and shatter-resistant, and has an anti-colic valve that prevents post-feeding discomfort.

A spiral design promotes a more natural latch while preventing the nipple from collapsing, and the wide, super-flexible nipple resembles the breast. It’s easy to assemble (and clean) day or night, thanks to the few parts—raise your glass to that!

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