Top 10 Best Glass Baby Bottle for Kids in India

Best Glass Baby Bottle – These glass bottles are safe and simple to assemble, with a breast-like nipple that won’t collapse.

It’s difficult to understand why putting “babies” and “glass” in the same sentence is a good idea, especially since you’ve worked so hard to keep them as far apart as possible. Glass bottles, on the other hand, are preferred by some parents over plastic bottles for a variety of reasons.

For parents who want a bottle that will look new and last throughout the baby bottle years — and beyond — glass bottles are a simple, headache-free option. Here are a few of the best glass baby bottles currently available.

Do you want to be sure you’re not consuming any plastic chemicals? While most plastic bottles are free of BPA and other potentially harmful chemicals, glass is a safer option because there is no risk of inorganic chemical leaching, even after repeated washing. Glass bottles are undeniably heavier, but some parents prefer them for their durability and weight.

Should you choose glass baby bottles?

Although glass bottles are thought to be outdated, they have recently made a comeback (as many vintage options do, eventually). Among the advantages are:

They offer peace of mind
Plastic bottles don’t contain a laundry list of ingredients, but many parents are concerned that if harmful chemicals like BPA and phthalates weren’t discovered to be harmful until recently, there may be more chemicals in plastic that aren’t safe. Because glass is naturally free of toxic chemicals, it is a simple, worry-free option for parents.
They’re surprisingly durable
Modern glass bottles are made of stronger glass that can withstand the rigours of parenting, such as temperature changes and being dropped from a stroller.

Glass bottles can be heated, even if they are cold from the fridge, boiled to sanitise, and unlike plastic bottles, they will not seep contaminants into the contents inside.

Although they can be slippery to hold, you can buy protective sleeves to help you keep your grip.
They’ll last for years
Another advantage of glass bottles is that they will outlast and outshine plastic. Plastic tends to cloud over time and must be replaced when it does.

After months of use, plastic can develop a lingering odour, especially if parents don’t wash the bottle immediately after use — we’ve all been there.

Glass bottles, on the other hand, will keep their appearance and scent for many years.

Benefits of glass baby bottles

Glass bottles are long-lasting, so they’re a good investment for your child’s early years. They can be easier to clean and sterilise than plastic ones because they don’t fog up or develop a difficult-to-scrub film like plastic does.

They can also be heated in a bottle warmer and boiled to sanitise straight from the fridge, and they won’t develop a lingering funky smell after a while or if you don’t wash them right away, which is a big plus.

Glass does not contain any chemicals because it is made of silica. It’s a safe bet to use for your baby’s milk because it contains no chemicals.

The fat from your breast milk will not stick to the sides of the bottle: When using plastic bottles, the fat from your breast milk can stick to the sides. With glass bottles, this isn’t as common.

When using plastic bottles to heat milk, chemicals tend to leach out even more into your baby’s milk when the plastic is heated. You don’t have to worry about releasing more toxins into your baby’s food if you heat milk in glass bottles.

The Philips Avent Natural Glass bottle is made of pharmaceutical-grade glass, is heat and shatter-resistant, and has an anti-colic valve that prevents post-feeding discomfort.

A spiral design promotes a more natural latch while preventing the nipple from collapsing, and the wide, super-flexible nipple resembles the breast. It’s easy to assemble (and clean) day or night, thanks to the few parts—raise your glass to that!